What would happen if a 100kg person fell 2m from a tin roof?
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Surface mount stainless steel anchor point tested for tin roofs.





We simulated a fall to find out!

See video below:

During the testing phase of our new tin mounted rope access anchor points, we witnessed first hand the frightening consequences of a fall from height on a tin roof without edge protection.

If you’re a rope access technician, this problem is easily solved with kevlar rope protectors and you’d have to be mad not to use them when going over the edge of any tin roof. However:

How do you overcome this challenge if you are a trades person working on the roof in fall arrest? Aside from ensuring that you remain in “fall restraint” at all times and hence eliminating the possibility of a fall, how do you prevent this from happening? Do cut-proof slings such as those used by arborists need to be mandatory for all fall arrest kits?

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