SKYPRO to launch its own rope access anchor points.
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New rope access and fall arrest anchors for all tin roof profiles

The team at SKYPRO have been hard at work testing and finalising the design on two new anchor points, created for easy installation on all of the most common tin roof profiles.  Fabricated from 316 marine grade stainless steel and individually engraved with unique serial numbers, the surface mounted anchor points are designed with durability and compliance in mind.  A

Rigorous testing carried out on the anchor points in accordance with Australian standards, demonstrated that the anchors are able to withstand >7.5kN of force when loaded from both the front and side on, making the point very versatile.  Although both anchors surpass the requirements for fall arrest, one features a larger surface area for the purpose of distributing the force over a larger area whilst under constant rope access load.

Once released to the market, the anchor points will be made available to companies once they have completed a competency test, demonstrating that they have the necessary skill and knowledge to carry out the installation successfully.  In addition to supplying the anchor points, SKYPRO will be offering back end support to customers including assistance with design of layouts and support relating to quoting, installation and legislation.

Stay tuned for the release!