rope access anchor point for tin roofs


$175.00 $129.00 + GST

Stainless steel rope access anchor point for abseiling from tin roof structures.
SKYPRO tin roof anchor points mount to common tin roof structures such as colorbond, Kliplok and Spandec. The anchor is fabricated from 316 stainless steel and is rated to 15kN for rope access or fall arrest use.  Complies with 1891.4-2009 & AS 5532-2013

Product Description

Surface mounted rope access anchor point for most common tin roof profiles.

The SKYPRO surface mounted rope access anchor point fixes to the tin roof sheeting using load distributing rivets that give the anchor point an ultimate load rating of 15kN.

In addition to the load distributing rivets, the size of the anchor plate also assists in sharing the load over a wide surface of the sheeting, ensuring the point is able to easily endure sustained load with no risk of contortion or damage to the tin surface.

This abseil anchor point is suitable for both roofs supported by wooden trusses and metal purlins.

The installation can be performed competently by following the instructions included with the points.

Installing the anchor points requires a cordless drill, cordless vacuum cleaner and a rivet gun capable of installing 8mm rivets.