roof anchor point for klip lok roofing

Purlin Mount Anchor Point – Klip-Lok Roof

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Roof Anchor Point – Mounts to Purlins

This roof anchor point is rated to 15kN for use as both a fall arrest and a rope access anchor point, easily installed on any Klip-Lok tin roof or similar that is supported by steel purlins.

The point can be easily installed without need for access to the inside of the roof.  Purlin mount anchor points provide safe rope access and fall arrest access to, personnel conducting maintenance to building facades, windows, gutters and roof equipment.

  • Complies with AS 1891.4:2000, AS 5532:2013
  • Rated for 15kN fall arrest & 12kN rope access
  • Must be inspected annually.

Product Description

Purlin Mount Roof Anchor Point for Tin Roofs

Material Used:

  • Stainless Steel Polished smooth finish (eyebolt)


    Eye Diameter : 34mm

  • Length: 150mm


  • Fall Arrest Capacity: 15kN
  • Abseil: 12kN.

Fixing Details:

  • Steel Purlin – min gauge 1.5mm


  • 12 monthly inspection required by competent person, as specified in AS1891.4.9.


  • Complies with AS 1891.4:2000, AS 5532:2013

Roof Type: