Petzl AVAO bod harness by PETZL if perfect for light rope access use


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The PETZL AVAO harness is built for comfort under all circumstances. During periods of prolonged suspension pressure on key body areas are reduced when using the PETZL, due to the wrapping design of the X-shaped dorsal construction. This PETZL harness also contains numerous pockets, pouches, loops, and retainers so that your tools are easy to carry and keep track of. The PETZL design also allows for extended hanging in case of a fall.

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Product Description

The Petzl GRILLON is beautifully designed adjustable lanyard and makes work positioning a breeze.

There a two ways that the GRILLON can be used:
double mode, on the harness lateral attachment points, to distribute the weight on the belt (user has weight on his feet): the length is adjusted by pressing on the pivoting cam
single mode on the harness ventral attachment point, to distribute the weight between the waist-belt and the leg loops whilst the tech is suspended: the length is adjusted by operating the handle whilst holding the free end of the lanyard.

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