A Fall Arrest Harness You Can Rely On

When working at heights or in other unstable environments, worker safety is always the top priority. Individual, worn fall arrest harnesses are at the forefront of providing that safety, and Skypro are the most cost-effective and efficient providers of that gear. Our extensive range of harnesses feature designs customised to the needs of many different industries and environments.

While the exact number, types and positioning of the gear and connectors might differ between a mining harness and a roofing harness, the quality of the design and manufacture remains a constant. We are proud to distribute some of the work gear industry’s finest brands and products to Australian companies. With over 30 years of experience in the field of rope access and height safety, Skypro will only sell gear that we would don ourselves.

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Sufficiently high standards of safety on the worksite can only be achieved through specialised design – there is no one-harness-fits-all attitude at Skypro. The range of harnesses we stock feature a range of adaptations to better suit the needs of your job site. The ARG 51 includes a synthetic back slideboard to offer protection while climbing wind turbines. The Kolibri is specialised for arborists with reinforced leg-loops designed for flexibility and stability, while its “sliding D” technology keeps the user at centre of gravity. The OFFSHORE MASTER has become the accepted standard for diving harnesses, with durable stainless steel fixtures, ergonomic padding, and front and rear fall indicators. The functionality can even be further expanded with an optional SECUMAR SOLAS personal flotation device and dorsal extension straps.

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Our goal at Skypro is to ensure that every person working at heights is equipped with the best possible safety gear, able to carry out their work in comfort and security. To that end we do more than simply sell the gear – we aim to give our customers as much information on their products as possible to inform their purchases and use. Every product page on our online store features high-res product images as well as a detailed, plain English description of the key product features. Check the rest of our site too, for frequent guides on the best use and care of these roofing and fall arrest harnesses. Make sure you’re as safe as you can be.

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