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The Professional Choice for Roof Safety and Fall Arrest Anchor Points

In industries like ours, the safest companies are the most competitive ones, and the most professional. When you want to provide the leading protection equipment for your workers while giving them the most freedom to get on with the job, look through Skypro’s catalogue.

Our webstore features an incredible range of different roof anchors and related safety gear from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. All of the products available have been extensively tested for compliance with national safety standards, and we guarantee to you that they come ready to use and with clear instructions listed as to their proper use.

Versatile harness anchor points to fit any roof type

Skypro has some excellent savings available on many different fall arrest anchor points, designed to suit the surface you have to work on and the circumstances of the job. There are individual roof anchor points for external installation onto corrugated purlin-supported roofs, rivet-attached froglink roof anchor points for easy anchoring on metal roof sheets. We have larger tin roof anchors bearing a force of up to 15kN from a single anchor point to support abseiling, mountable on most common tin roof structures. No matter which roof you need to secure for work, you can get the specialised equipment you need from Skypro – for an affordable price.

And we also cater to those not working from a traditional roof anchor point. Our list of harness anchor points includes devices intended for installation in a door or window frame, supporting up to 2 workers. We also have steel girder anchor points which adjust to clamp onto the specific thickness of girder you’re working with. With all these tools at your disposal it’s easy to ensure your workers are protected in any work environment.

Browse our store for rope and harness anchor points with all the accessories

Skypro is committed to providing reliable and convenient support to all the workers and businesses who make use of our products. This is why we carry not only roof and other anchor points, but also the riveting tools needed to install them, or the temporary Lifeline Horizontal systems to connect to them. There are no more convenient or affordable ways to get these products when you need them, so search the Skypro online store today. Alternatively, contact us by calling +61 459 474 803 or emailing [email protected]

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