Features of the PETZL Rig Descender
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video demonstrates the features of the petzl rig descender





Why do I love the PETZL RIG?

For the first 5 years of my rope access career I worked for a small abseil window cleaning company in a coastal town, where none of the buildings were over 15 floors and architects were pretty tame; by that I mean NO OVERHANGS, NO AIDING, PRETTY MUCH NO REASON TO ASCEND.  EVER.

For this reason my descender of choice was the SRT.  God I loved that thing!  I loved the simplicity of the thing and the nice big, easy to hold trigger.  It never failed to give me a smooth descent.  Only problem was; if you want to ascend, you gotta get off that thing and onto your croll, cause it just ain’t happening.  But, like I said, this rarely came up so I couldn’t give a damn.

I never thought I would change to anything else – I tried the ID’S and personally, I couldn’t stand it.  Too bulky and too many moving parts.

Enter the RIG.  Beautifully simple operation and a breeze to ascend.  I didn’t get rid of the SRT from my kit, I still like to use it if there’s little chance I’ll have to ascend, but I had something that did it all.

Here’s what PETZL’s got to say about the RIG.