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The Sunshine Coast Rope Access And Height Safety Equipment Specialists

Skypro Height Safety stock all the necessary equipment to maintain safe working practices when working at heights.


Safety is an important factor in every industry and those working at heights are no exception. From arborists and construction workers to miners and rescue teams, eliminating risk is an absolute priority to ensure all safety measures are taken with an exceptional level of care. Whether you require height safety equipment, equipment testing, equipment installations, or expert advice SKYPRO has you covered!

Competitive priced height safety equipment of the highest quality

At Skypro, we stock a broad variety of products that aim to meet all your height safety requirements or preferences. Our stock includes products such as, Petzl body harnesses, rig descenders, anchor points, and fall arrest gear. This range gives us the confidence to claim there is no better place to buy height safety and rope access equipment in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas.


Please be aware that in order meet industry regulations, it is a requirement that your equipment is regularly tested and tagged for compliance on a six monthly basis to ensure your equipment will function properly when you need it most.  Our experienced team can team provide this service by carrying out a variety of audits and testing services, furthermore, Skypro can even send you email reminders when your next inspection is due.

Order Delivery to Brisbane, Gold Coast and wider QLD or try before you buy

When shopping online at Skypro our professional advice is just a phone call away. However, given the nature of our products, it’s important that your specific products are the right fit for your requirements and you know how to use them properly. We provide a facility where you can visit, inspect our products, and try out our rope access equipment range to ensure you know exactly what you are purchasing. This service will hopefully instil the confidence you need to feel safe on the job with anything you order from SKYPRO.


The SKYPRO shop is located on The Sunshine Coast and specialises in rope access and height safety equipment.   If you live outside the area, you can also choose from a wide selection of height safety products directly from our website or phone us on 1300 786 583.


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Our team has been in the industry for many years and has gained expert knowledge and experience that can help you choose the right gear. Don’t hesitate to call our team on 1300 786 583 or fill out the online form for a prompt response.